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Each month of the active club year, the current newsletter will be posted on the Website. A message from the club president, the results of recent tournaments, club news, tips for novices, and member news are all found in this newsletter.
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Message from the President

As the Bowling season winds down we can look back on many fond memories of the many successful events that have occured. Come and see a slideshow of these at our Annual General Meeting!
Dates to note include:
Thursday, October 8th – AGM – Canadiana
Monday, October 12th – Thanksgiving Bowling
Wednesday, October 21st – Locker Cleanout
Saturday & Sunday, Oct 31st & Nov. 1st – Zoomer Show Display & Bowling Participation
Check out details & times at the Club Website.

Zoomer Show
“Bowling for

Zoomer Show

We have been asked once again this year to manage a booth at the annual Zoomer Show. Show attendees will be given an opportunity to ‘Give Lawn Bowling a Try!’ We will be using a similar set up to last year with artificial turf and bumper rails on a shortened bowling rink. Participants who touch the jact will receive a chocolate toonie. This marketing effort requires many volunteers to share the work load. Assembly of the booth will begin Friday October 29th with the show running on the Saturday and Sunday. Free admission and short shifts will permit members to take in the show, which is combined with the British Show this year. Contact a member of the Club Board of Directors to volunteer to help at the Zoomer Show!

Refurbished Grooming Machine

Green Care
& Grooming

Our grooming machine has once again been repaired with new parts and an overhaul. The greenskeepers do a great job working with this tired old equipment. The trouble is that we need a dependable piece of equipment in order to keep the greens the way they should be!

& Pie Day

Happy Thanksgiving

We will be holding our annual Thanksgiving celebrations on Monday October 16th starting at one o’clock. A draw for bowling teams will be held at that time. During a break between bowling participants will have a choice of pies to savour while completing a Thanksgiving Trivia questionnaire. Points for both the bowling and the trivia answers will help to determine the winner of prizes. The prizes will not be monitary, but comprised of goodies remaining from earlier events held during the year. Join us for pie even if you do not bowl!

AGM Meeting

Our Annual General Meeting and luncheon will take place at the Canadiana Restaurant starting at eleven-thirty on Thursday, October 8th. The passing of an amendment to the by-laws, the financial report, the budget for the next year, the election of a new Board of Directors, and the awarding of trophies will highlight this event. Your choice of meal can be made at the restaurant.

The Green Bowler

Clarke Slemon authors a periodic Blog (Web Log) in which he poses interesting questions and challenges the imagination of readers with oblique observations about the sport of lawn bowling.

This month we take you back to a discussion presented last February where he describes how to control the weight of a lawn bowl delivery. Novices quickly learn to select an aim line, however controlling the weight or length of the shot is another challenge!
The Green Bowler

This isQuestion of the Month
Pulling Weeds

For October:
The speed of a green is measured in seconds. Why is duration of travel longer on “fast” greens?

From September:
The women that weed the flower gardens in front of our clubhouse are unpaid volunteers, so don’t be surprised to see us offer them the occasional free cup of coffee.

Faster Greens

2014 Singles



This month Vince brings us a video showing the Scotish singles finals for 2014. The commentator helps you to understand the strategies employed by these two players have already won sixteen priliminary matches to reach this level. Bowls is more than just delivery and technique. The decision of which hand delivery and the placement of early bowls is quite important.
2014 Scotish Men’s Singles Finals

Labour Day Bowling

A lasagna and caesar salad lunch separated the two games played during our Labour of Love tournament on the first Monday in September. The trophy winners were Julia Nixon and Flick Douglas.

A Trip to the Islands


Visit to RCYC

RCYC Visit

On Thursday September 3rd a dozen members representing our club made the trip to the lawn bowling club at the RCYC. The ferry trip and two eight end games help the players build up an appetite for the buffet dinner. The team skipped by Hank Mueller were the winners of bottles of wine.

September Social


Our initial September Social was held on Friday September 25th and included a BBQ and Corn Roast. No Bowling was the theme again for this social as about forty members ate, socialized, and reminised about events of the past season.


Novice Triples

Saturday, September 12th was the date of our annual Novice Triples competition. Trophy winners were Irena Sintal, Julia Nixon and Rick Nytko.



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