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The club Newsletter takes the form of an interactive PDF document. Photographs, images and hyperlinks are included in this document, which is sent to each club member as an e-mail attachment. The name, Redtail Review stems from the fact that a lone redtail hawk is often seen sitting atop one of light poles observing the actions below. What thoughts must go through the mind of this spectator? Each month of the active club year, the current newsletter will be posted on the Website.
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Message from the President
Welcome back to beautiful James Gardens LBC! I hope you all had an easy winter and are looking forward to a great season of bowling.
We have an exciting year coming up. We’re hoping to welcome a large crop of new bowlers this year and plans are afoot for our 100th Anniversary celebration in August.
Our Open House is scheduled for May 13th. This is an important day for recruitment and we can use all your help in bringing warm bodies to our club. We all know that once someone physically tries the game, they’re hooked! So, spread the love around and ask your friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances to come out and “Give Lawn Bowls a Try”.
Don’t forget these special dates in May:
Saturday, May 6th at noon – Opening Day Luncheon & Spring AGM for Members. We will be commencing a new 50/50 draw on this day so bring your change;
Saturday May 13th at 10:00 – Open House (Guests to try Bowling;)
Monday May 22nd at 9:45 – Victoria Day Celebrations 2 X 12 ends - Bring Lunch.
Have a great month. See you on the greens!

Pizza Slice

Pizza &
Play Fridays

Our most popular social bowling event is definitely Pizza and Play. There’s great pizza for dinner and a friendly game of 4-3-2-1. It kicks off on May 26th and will run every 2 weeks until the end of September. Where else can you get dinner for the low price of $6.00? It’s a great way to introduce friends and family to our game, so think about inviting people to join in.

Old Mill Bridge


Our 100th

On August 4th, 1914, not only was war declared in Europe, but Robert Home Smith opened the Old Mill Tea Garden Restaurant. It was in this facility that plans were made for the Old Mill Lawn Bowling Club, which officially opened three years later. The picturesque Old Mill Stone Bridge joined the two facilities. Lawn bowls thrived at this location for almost fifty years, however when the TTC was developing its second subway line along the Bloor Danforth route the property was appropriated and the lawn bowling club was moved some six kilometres up the Humber River to the current location next to James Gardens. Many of the trophies and memorabilia from the original club can still be found in our present clubhouse.



Erik Wins Gold

We welcome Erik Galipeau as a new member at James Gardens! You may have seen Erik practising on our green last fall. He and his parents will become full members for 2017. Erik and his teammates, Dominic McVittie from England, and Rebecca Houston from Scotland were the 2016 Junior Under 25 Mixed Triples Champions at the WIBC Junior Championships held in Glasgow. This marks the first time that a Canadian has won a gold medal at a world indoor event. Erik was the Ontario Junior Bowler of the year last year.

The Green Bowler

Clarke Slemon authors a periodic Blog (Web Log) in which he poses interesting questions and challenges the imagination of readers with oblique observations about the sport of lawn bowling.
This month Clarke discusses the relationship between skips and leads. He contends that leads can play an important part of a team’s overall performance. Good communication between the skip and lead can enhance the way in which a head is developed and the resulting score.The Green Bowler

Question of the Month

TToo Much Grass

For May:

Do heavy and medium bowls of the same make, model, and size have different Bias paths?
Answers should be sent to:

From October:
The term “...too much grass.” is used in lawn bowling to indicate that the bowler’s aim point was too far from the centre of rink. A narrower aim line is required.

Bowl Bias Diagram

Overhead Camera Grid




Vince’s first pick this year is the World Championship match in 2016. Robert Paxton plays fellow countryman Nick Brett, both from England in this close game. The overhead camera imposes curling-like circles to help the viewers easily understand comparisons of the locations of bowls in the head. The choice of shot strategies employed by the competitors when ahead or behind are of particular interest.

2016 World Championship Match


Sunshine Boys &
Golden Girls

Golden Girls

The Sunshine Boys and Golden Girls will be participating in the inter-club games again this year. If you would like to join in, speak with George Ross (men) and Carol MacKay (women).


Bull's Eye

“Fun Fridays”
Changes to
“Terrific Tuesdays”

Climate change is causing an alteration in the scheduling of at least one regular activity at James Gardens. The hot weather of last summer had an effect upon participation at our Friday morning focused practise sessions know as Fun Fridays. With Pizza and Play having a permanent home on Friday evenings, it was decided to switch our key skill development games to Tuesday evenings.
Now known as Terrific Tuesdays this will provide novice and experienced bowlers an opportunity to be challenged in unusual games which target particular bowling techniques and concepts. Are you up for these challenges? Join us Tuesday evening at 6:45 pm beginning on May 30th.

3 Months Free Membership

As part of our 100th anniversary celebrations the club is offering a free three-month trial membership to new bowlers. The three months end on July 31st. A reduced price of $85.00, which includes a locker, name badge, and OLBA fee, will be applied to those who wish to join the club.
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