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Each month of the active club year, the current newsletter will be sent to all members with email addresses, available at the clubhouse in print form and posted on the Website. A message from the club president, the results of recent tournaments, club news, tips for novices, and member news are all found in this newsletter.
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Messge from the President

A thousand welcomes to our new, 3-month trial members! We hope you’ve enjoyed your introduction to our sport and will continue on with us in July. You are a great group and there are some hot, hot new bowlers amongst you. Please participate as often as you are able – this is definitely a sport where “familiarity breeds contentment”.
At some point, I’m sure the weather will start to cooperate and we’ll see more and more club members out on the greens. Our Opening Day luncheon saw 50 members in attendance, with Councillor John Campbell cutting the cake and offering some insight to the shenanigans at City Hall. Regrettably it wasn’t a pleasant enough day to hit the greens. But patience is a virtue, so I’m told, and like you I’m looking forward to June.
See you on the greens!


Open Bowling Image

A note about our “Open Bowling” system - when you’ve finished your game, please make sure the lights are out, A/C turned off, clubhouse door is securely locked, the key is returned to the box and the box securely locked. If you are unsure of how it all works, just ask and we’ll run you through it again.

Pizza Slice


Pizza Night

Pizza night kicked off in May and 26 people ate and played on a gorgeous evening. Don’t forget the next ones – June 9th and 23rd It’s a wonderful opportunity to socialize, play a friendly game and encourage new members at only $6.00.


Open House 2017

Our annual Open House was held on Saturday, May 10th with about thirty new bowlers being introduced to our club facilities, member activities and the sport of lawn bowling. Initially folks were introduced to characteristics of a lawn bowl, how to grip a bowl, the stance on a mat, and the techniques employed during delivery. The questions of the newcomers concerned the basic rules of the game, acceptable clothing, the duration of games, club activities, and required equipment. Many of the attendees are planning future club visits and arranging individual lessons.

Rock & Bowl


Rock & Bowl

Welcome to the Rock & Bowl League. We expect you’re having a great time on the “green rinks” and find that lawn bowling improves your curling game. Feel free to come out at other times and try a game or two with our regular members.


Opening Day

John Camplbell Cuts Cake

Councilor John Campbell brought greetings from the city at our Opening Day luncheon on Saturday May 6th. John told us about plans for a new seniors’ community centre in our ward and officiated the cutting of the centennial cake.

The Green Bowler

Clarke Slemon authors a periodic Blog (Web Log) in which he poses interesting questions and challenges the imagination of readers with oblique observations about the sport of lawn bowling.

This month Clarke poses a hypothesis that prior to focusing making minor adjustments to the length of bowl delivery, they concentrate on making deliveries of consistent length! His argument is quite convincing.
The Green Bowler

Question of the Month

Bowl Bias Diagram


For June:
Do you need a different bowl if you are left-handed?
Answers should be sent to:

From May:
Heavy weight and Medium weight bowls run with the same bias. Medium weight bowls tend to run on further on slower greens.

Left and Right Hands

How to Lawn Bowl



This month Vince’s choice is a video that is aimed at new bowlers. John Weiosbarth of Anything You Can Do takes to the bowling green to learn about lawn bowling. Robert McKilbon explains some of the basic terms, equipment and skills to John. This will be a good review of concepts that are covered during the initial lessons that novice bowlers receive free of charge at our club.
How to Lawn Bowl

1st Summer

Ladder Image

Our summer ladder series begins with the first seven game set on Wednesday May 31st. Only the top three scores are counted, therefore it is okay if you have to miss a couple. Of course the more evenings that you play the more scores there are from which to select the top three. Details


Pancake Stack

Our annual Pancake Breakfast Tournament will be held on Saturday, June 24th starting at 9:00 am.
Fresh fruit, beverages, our famous pulled-pork and all you can eat pancakes with our special syrup will be served. Dress for the day is Anything but White!

Video Online



Bowls Canada Boulingrin and the Ontario Lawn Bowls Association have produced three new videos, which are aimed at those new to the sport.


Canada Day



Canada Day 2017

Saturday July 1st, our annual Canada Tournament sponsored by Subway takes place. Dress for the day is Red and White. $7.00 covers the cost of the BBQ lunch to which associate members are invited.

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