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Each month of the active club year, the current newsletter will be sent to all members with email addresses, available at the clubhouse in print form and posted on the Website. A message from the club president, the results of recent tournaments, club news, tips for novices, and member news are all found in this newsletter.
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Message from the President

A huge round of applause and thank-you is due to Flick Douglas, Ralph Ellis and their dedicated volunteers for making the Eastern Provincial 4s such a huge success. This was a monumental undertaking for a club as small as ours, yet it was carried off with pride and grace. We received huge compliments from the convener and participants about our clubhouse, greens and organization. Neither the weather nor problems with the BBQ, set our intrepid volunteers back. You should be proud of yourselves, as we are proud and grateful to all those who gave of their time to make the event such a success.
Don’t forget to check the clubhouse bulletin boards regularly for all tournament info and sign-up sheets.
Have a great month. See you on the greens!
Daria Danko

Canada Day 2016

Canada Day

Canada Day, Friday July 1st, is always one of the nicest tournaments we run. Dressed in your red and white it’s lovely to celebrate on the greens together. There will be a BBQ luncheon to share in between two games. So come and play and eat or just come to eat, but do join your friends for Canada Day. BBQ is $7.00 and tournament fee $3.00. Get your tags in to the DrawMaster by 9:45 please.


Club Roster

Club Crest

Printed copies of the 2016 edition Club Roster are available for pick up in the Clubhouse Draw Room. Please initial the membership list!

Ontario Mens Four Champions

On to the

Playing on home turf, Fred Wallbank, Jeff Harding, David Anderson, and Steve McKerihen won the gold medal in the mens fours provincial eastern region championship and will go on to represent Ontario in the Canadian Championship in Alberta this August!


Pancake Breakfast Winners

Following an early morning breakfast of fruit, pancakes and back bacon, the tournament named after this feast was held under sunny skies with a calm cooling breeze. Wearing the dress code colours of “Anything but White” the tournament winners were, Ralph Ellis, Jean Charing, and Flick Douglas. George Ross represented the event sponsor, Cardinal Funeral Homes and presented the prizes.


and Draw

Aiken Trophy Winners

This years annual Aiken Trophy Tournament was held on a sunny June 4th. The trophy winners were Carlos Cohen and Julia Nixon. The draw for a free club membership from the names of new members resulted in Nita McCown receiving a full rebate of her club fees donated by Sue Hathway.

The Green Bowler

Clarke Slemon authors a periodic Blog (Web Log) in which he poses interesting questions and challenges the imagination of readers with oblique observations about the sport of lawn bowling.

This month Clarke explains one situation where a “Drive Shot” can be employed to switch the team that scores rather than to “Kill” the end. Key to this is the determination of the number of team seconds that exist in the head and the location of the opponent’s shot bowl.
The Green Bowler

Question of the Month

Yellow Jack

For July:
Traditionally lawn bowls were made of a tropical hardwood called “lignum vitae”. What are they made of today?

From June:
Of the four names suggested for the white or yellow target ball, “Penny” is the only one that is not in common use.

Lawn Bowl

Bowl Manufacturing



This month Vince brings us a video, describes how the manufacturing of lawn bowls has changed over the years. Learn about the materials, processing procedures, shaping, and testing of lawn bowl ensures that each bowl meets strict standards. Each set must be consistent between the bowls so that it doesn’t matter which subset of bowls is selected for a match. This is good background information for all bowlers thinking of acquiring a set of bowls.

How Its Made ~ Lawn Bowls

Childrens Amputee Tournament

War Amps Money

Our annual charity tournament for War Amps is July 16th. All money raised in the bowl goes to War Amps and the wonderful work they do with children and vets. Please sign up, bring a lunch, come out to play and give generously to this worthy charity.

RCYC Crest


Want to try something new and fun? How about a trip to the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on July 14th to play an inter-club game? If you’ve never played on grass, here’s a chance to see why our greens are so user-friendly! We travel in the afternoon by RCYC tender to their beautiful grounds. After a friendly game where we mix up our two clubs, dinner on the patio with the RCYC members (cost about $20.00) watching the Toronto skyline is wonderful. I’ll be the first to admit that the food is only mediocre, but it’s a fabulous venue and a lot of fun. RCYC will return the visit to us on September 1st for a twilight game and BBQ.


July 23rd is the Past President’s tournament. Please sign up in the clubhouse for a chance to win this prestigious trophy.

Regular Club Activites

Pizza and Play nights are July 8th and 22nd. Our vendor has raised the cost so dinner is now $6.00/pp. – still a bargain and a fun night out. It’s a great way to introduce your friends and family to a sport we all love. Other activities include:
Sunday morning bowling at 9 am;
Tuesday morning Mixed teams at 9:45 am;
Wednesday Evening Ladder at 6:15 pm; and the
Friday morning Fun Fridays at 9:30 am.

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