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Each month of the active club year, the current newsletter will be sent to all members with email addresses, available at the clubhouse in print form and posted on the Website. A message from the club president, the results of recent tournaments, club news, tips for novices, and member news are all found in this newsletter.
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Message from the President

Hot enough for ya?? My goodness July was a scorcher! Regrettably it kept a lot of people off the greens this month during the day. But the evenings at James Gardens are lovely and we hope to see more people out to bowl – remember winter comes sooner than we think.
With so many people on vacation and a very hot weekend predicted, the Past Presidents’ Trophy tournament of July 23rd had to be cancelled. We are attempting to reschedule this important event for later in the season.
Don’t forget our Pizza and Play nights – August 5th and 19th
Have a great month. See you on the greens!

Barabara Choffe

Barbara Choffe

August will be a busy, busy month on the greens. The first important sponsored tournament is the Barbara Choffe Memorial on August 6th. Barbara’s daughters come from far and wide to present the trophy in honour of their mother – a long-time member of JGLBC. Please plan to attend in your tournament whites – tags in at 9:45. Bring a lunch as we play two games..


Beach Ball

Have you ever wondered what a game of bowls would be like if the jack was as big as a beach ball?
If you’d like to find out, why not join us for a fun game with unusual rules aimed at refining specific skills each Friday morning at 9:30?

James Gardens Trophy Winners


The Del Manor sponsored tournament for our James Gardens trophy is August 27th. Del Manor has been a great sponsor and in order to keep them, we need everyone out to participate! Lunch is provided, there’s good money to win and being on the winning team for our own trophy is an honour for sure. Tags in by 9:45 please.

Labour Day
Tournament &
Lasagna Lunch


Our annual Labour Day Tournament will once again feature a lasagna luncheon at a cost of $6.00. (This luncheon is complimentary for associate members.) Please sign up on the list on the bulletin board to enable the organizers to acquire a sufficient amount of food. Those bowling in the competition should arrive no later than 9:45 to submit their draw tags and the fee of $5.00.

Mens Club
Singles & Pairs


August is the month for our in-club mens singles and pairs competitions. All male members are able to enter these events regardless of their “draw tag status”. Teams for the pairs events will be drawn. Sign-up sheets can be found on the bulletin boards in the clubhouse. Check these for the exact dates and times of events.
August Calendar.

The Green Bowler

Clarke Slemon authors a periodic Blog (Web Log) in which he poses interesting questions and challenges the imagination of readers with oblique observations about the sport of lawn bowling.

is month Clarke discusses strategies that can be applied in di erent scoring situations. Not all tour- nament scoring is the same! e conditions of play should discussed at the beginning of play including an explanation of local practices of scoring.

The Green Bowler

Question of the Month
Lawn Bowl

For August:

After a jack is rolled it is centred on the rink. What is the area around the jack known as?

Answers should be sent to:


From July:

Today lawn bowls come in many di er- ent colours and are manufactured from melamine.

the Head


The Stance

This month Vince brings us a video, which introduces a revolutionary type of stance developed by Australian Nev Rodda. The placement of the stable “mat foot” is critical to maintaining a bowler’s balance during the delivery of a bowl. Nev has experimented with several foot placements and provides a sound rationale for a deviation from the traditional aiming of the mat foot along the “Aim Line”. Listen to his argument and determine whether or not you would like to adopt his suggestions.
The Stance with Nev Rodda


Ladder Image

The second session of the Summer Ladder will begin on Wednesday August 10th at 6:30 pm. Please read the notice on the bulletin board to find out about the new format for this year. A sign-up sheet accompanies this notice.


Childrens Amputee Money

The charity tournament for War Amps Children Amputees raised over $275. It was a small affair, with only 18 bowlers, but a lovely day nevertheless. Many club members could not attend this event, however sent in donations with folks who were attending. This generosity is much appreciated!

Summer Social

Summer Social

The second annual club Summer Social will take place on the evening of Friday August 12th. This is a non-bowling evening where you get a chance to talk with other members in a more social setting. Those attending are asked to bring a “Sharing Plate” of hot or cold appetizers with enough to feed about eight. The festivities should last from about six to eight

Ladies Club Singles
Club Singles Winner

The Ladies Club Singles competition will be held on the evening of August 9th this year.
All women members of the club are encouraged to sign up regardless of experience. Tags should be in by 6:30.

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