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From time to time the Club will want to make announcements which are of interest to members. These are mostly related to issues and concerns of an event nature. Clubhouse maintenance, purchases of new supplies and equipment, proposed constitutional changes, nominations of slates of executive officers, and annual general meetings are examples of announcements, which will be found on this page.

The New Board of Directors for 2017

Five new positions needed to be considered for the 2017 bowling season.  One Officer and two Directors (Standing Committee Chairs) were needed.   After serious consideration and deliberation, the following people agreed to serve on our Executive:




Daria Danko

Past President

Flick Douglas

1st VP Ralph Ellis (New)

2nd VP

Bev Gallinger


Diane Cooney


Karen Oxley



Tournaments (in-club)

Ed Hanophy


Jullia Nixon


Nita McCown (New)


Ralph Ellis


Rick Nytko

City Liaison

Daria Danko


Gus Ktistensen (New)


Hank Mueller


Flick Douglas

Women's Events

Carol MacKay


Fred Wallbank

Don;t Be Tongue-tied!

Pictures of this year's Board of Directors have been posted on a bulletin board at the Clubhouse!

You are encouraged to make a connection with any or all of the Board members. We are all aiming for the same targets even though we may appear to be coming at them from different directions. Board members are interested in hearing about the issues that concern you and ideas that you have about the club!

Open Bowling

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• Open Bowling designates periods set aside for individuals and groups of club members to organize events of their own design such as:
` Groups holding an informal draw with a pre-arranged set of members;
` Individual bowling practise;
` Team practise;
` Lessons with coaches;
` Competitions in club events such as men’s or women’s club singles or pairs, and/or the Wallaby Walkabout may play their matches;
` Members from other clubs may practise prior to upcoming district, provincial, national or international competitions;
` An informal introduction to lawn bowling and to the club for guests.
• Individuals and groups may have to share club facilities with others.
• Prior notice will be given by the club executive in the case that open bowling will be cancelled on any particular date.
• The park gate is opened at approximately 7:30 am and closed by 9:00 pm.
• Times for open bowling activities will be set by those involved given the restrictions of other
• During open bowling, participants can wear clothing of any colour, however they must wear flat shoes.
• On occasion, some of the club facilities may be closed for maintenance and/or event
preparation during times set aside for open bowling.
• Activities conducted during open bowling will conclude with sufficient time remaining for the setup of scheduled club events.
• Individuals responsible for activities held during open bowling will:
` Open required facilities and ensure that these are securely locked following the
activities; (Lessons for locking up the club will be provided upon request.)
` Take care in using club equipment and ensure that all equipment is returned to the proper storage location after use;
` Leave club facilities in a cleaner state than that in which it was found.

Summer Ladder:

A ladder is one method of constructing a ranking system for players. The group of players participate in a series of games over a given period of time. Players mostly participate in “pairs” games; however at times play in singles or triples. Three points are achieved for a win, two points for a tie, one point for a loss, and zero points for failing to turn up. Plus and minus point totals will be kept as tiebreakers.
Different teams are drawn each week and are based upon previous results. This is an excellent opportunity for newer bowlers to play with more experienced ones in a non-tournament situation. 

There will be a slight change in the scoring system for this year’s summer. Only the highest four scores will count, out of the possible seven evening for which the ladder runs. That means that bowlers will not need to attend every Wednesday evening to be eligible for a prize. Of course up to three scores can be discarded, so try to improve your totals by attending as often as possible.
Examining the accumulated plus/minus of players breaks ties.  If a tie still exists the player who has played the highest number of games will win. Once a ranking is established after players have participated for two weeks top players are paired with lower ranking players making the games more competitive. An example of the rankings of the top six players in a ladder is shown to the below.

Ladder Scoring

terrific Tuesdays Header

Climate change is causing an alteration in the scheduling of at least one regular activity at James Gardens. The hot weather of last summer had an effect upon participation at our Friday morning focused practise sessions know as Fun Fridays. With Pizza and Play having a permanent home on Friday evenings, it was decided to switch our key skill development games to Tuesday evenings.
Now known as Terrific Tuesdays this will provide novice and experienced bowlers an opportunity to be challenged in unusual games which target particular bowling techniques and concepts. Are you up for these challenges? Join us Tuesday evening at 6:45 pm beginning on May 30th.

Pizza & Play Fridays:


This is a series of games, which will take place every second Friday from May 26th to September 16th. 10–end games of 4~3~2~1 will be played each evening starting at 6:15 pm. The exact dates are available on the monthly calendars in the roster and on the club Website. Players of approximately equal ability will play against one another as individuals each week. These Pizza and Play evenings will take place regardless of the weather as we will play indoor games in the case of wet or cold weather.


A nominal fee of $6.00 will be collected to pay for pizza, which will be eaten during the mid-match break. Cold drinks as well as tea and coffee will be available at nominal costs.

Sign Up?

No sign up for this series is necessary – just show up about 6:15pm so that we will have an idea how much pizza to order.

Changes in Member Rankings for 2017:

There are no changes in member ranking for 2017.

The rankings colours of the name tags on the draw board signify a members experience and ability. these colours help draw officials to place name tags in the draw buckets in a more or less fair distribution of players.

The Wallaby Walkabout:

Wallaby Walkabout Image

This extended competition is for teams of pairs with one novice member. A Round Robin series of games will be played during August and September with each team playing each other team. For instance: if eight teams are entered, then each team will play seven games. The teams will be finalized during the Simcoe Day Tournament at the beginning of August.


1. Teams will consist of one novice and one experienced player.
2. Competing teams will decide upon date and time of their games based upon mutually agreed availability.
3. Teams may play one another in any order, however all games must be completed before the end of September. Only games played prior to October 1st will have points awarded to teams.
4. Games will be played using the Australian Format Rules with bowls being delivered in a 2~4~2 order each end. This means that players will alternately act as lead and skip.
5. At no time will the two novices deliver bowls from the same end of the rink. (An experienced bowler will always be present at each end.)
6. There will be no “Dead ends” and the jack will be centred at the two-metre mark if knocked beyond the rink boundaries.
7. Each game will consist of twelve ends with no tiebreaker extra ends.
8. Both teams must submit a signed and dated scorecard after each game.
9. Three points will be awarded for a win, two for a tie, and one for a loss.
10. An accumulated plus/minus score will be kept for each team and will be used as a tiebreaker at the end of the competition.
11. If for any reason a team drops out of the competition, they will forfeit all games not played with the opposition winning one to nil. (Any substitute players must be club members with the same experience level
as the replaced player.
12. An entry fee of $5.00 will be collected from each player before the competition begins.
13. Whites are not required dress for this competition.
14. The winning team will receive a prize of $100.00 and the Wallaby Walkabout Plaque.
15. The money collected through entry fees will be used as prize money for runners-up.

Entry Forms can be found on the Clubhouse Events Bulleting Board!

Opening Day Luncheon 2017

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