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A calendar is provided for each of the six months of the current club year. Check to see what is around the corner. Scroll on to plan ahead by checking the dates of future activities so that you will be sure not to miss anything that you would like to attend. Special events are explained more fully at the bottom of each calendar.


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Abbreviations Employed on Calendars:

The following abbreviations are used within calendars:

B/L = Bring Lunch

Open Bowling = The green is available to members to practise individually or set up informal games. See Open Bowling!

Mixed Draw = A draw of members present (both male and female) will be held at the designated time.

Sponsor = Individuals or Companies that have made donations to the club often, for designated events.

Teams = Members makeup their own teams prior to the event and place the names of the participants on the posted sheet.

Sinner' League:

For those members who choose not to attend church services a mixed draw will be held each Sunday morning at 9:45 am.


Aiken Trophy:

The Aiken Trophy is an in club tournament with a mixed draw starting at 9:45 am on Saturday, June 10th. Bring a lunch for this event.

Rock and Bowl:

Members of local curling clubs have been invited to give lawn bowls a try! There will be a series of seven Monday evenings in May, June, and July where these new bowlers will learn the sport and enter into some simple competitions. Come out and welcome these visitors!

Pancake Breakfast:

The fourth annual pancake breakfast will be held on Saturday June 24th followed by a fun tournament. The dress code for this tournament is "Anything but White!"

Pizza and Play Fridays:

Pizza Slice

Our Pizza and Play Fridays continue on August 9th and 23rd. For a low cost of $6.00 participants can stop for a mid game pizza meal and social period. A draw for rink competitors in a game of "4, 3, 2, 1" will take place at 6:15 pm. See Pizza and Play Fridays!

Terrific Tuesdays:

Terrific Tuesdays will be held on June 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Starting at 6:45 pm these days, interesting and novel events will be held to help bowlers refine their abilities. Light refreshments and original prizes will be offered following play. See Terrific Tuesdays!

1st Summer Ladder:

The next four Wednesdays of the 1st Summer Ladder will continue each Wednesday evening in June starting at 6:15 pm. This set of evenings sees dynamic teams combining members with higher and lower scores as a ranking system is developed. Players of all levels of skill are welcome to join. Sign up as an individual on the sheet posted on the events board in the clubhouse. There is a $5 one-time fee which will all be returned in prizes at the end of the series. Prize money collected is enhanced through a sponsor! For details see Summer Ladder!

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