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A calendar is provided for each of the six months of the current club year. Check to see what is around the corner. Scroll on to plan ahead by checking the dates of future activities so that you will be sure not miss anything that you would like to attend. Special events are explained more fully at the bottom of each calendar.


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Abbreviations Employed on Calendars:

The following abbreviations are used within calendars:

B/L = Bring Lunch

Open Bowling = The green is available to members to practise individually or set up informal games. See Open Bowling!

Mixed Draw = A draw of members present (both male and female) will be held at the designated time.

Sponsor = Individuals or Companies that have made donations to the club often, for designated events.

Teams = Members makeup their own teams prior to the event and place the names of the participants on the posted sheet.

Canada Day Tournament:

July 1st sees the annual Canada Day Tournament. This is an in club tournament with a mixed draw starting at 9:45 am. A BBQ Lunch is part of the celebration. Cost: $7 for the lunch $5 for the games (games money to be awarded as prizes!) It is traditional that all players wear a combination of red and white for this Canada Day event!

Sinner' League:

For those members who choose not to attend church services a mixed draw will be held each Sunday morning at 9:45 am.

1st Summer Ladder:

The final two sessions of the first Summer Ladder series will be held on Wednesday evenings July 5th, and 12th. Try to be at the club house early to enter your nametags to ensure that games will be able to commence at 6:15 p.m.. Teams will be formed based on the ranking from the previous play. Prizes will be awarded on the final evening.

Terrific Tuesdays:

Terrific Tuesdays will be held on July 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Starting at 6:45 pm these days, interesting and novel events will be held to help bowlers refine their abilities. Light refreshments and original prizes will be offered following play. See Terrific Tuesdays!

The Children's Amputee Tournament:

The annual Children's Amputee Tournament will be held on Saturday July 15th. Players are asked to make a donation to this fund. A mixed draw will be held with the tournament starting at 9:45 am. Bring a lunch. The winners of this tournament will receive a donated consumable prize as all proceeds will be given to the "Champs" program of the War Amps of Canada.

The Wallaby Walkabout:

A new multiple week team competition is being introduced as part of the club centennial celerations this year. Teams consisting of one novice and one experienced bowler enter as a team and will bowl against every other entered team during open bowling in August and September. Teams must be entered on a sign-up form (found on the clubhouse events bulletin board) during July. Winners of this sponsored event will receive a prize of $100.00 as well having their names entered on the Wallaby Walkabout Plaque. For more detailed information see the Wallaby Walkabout!

Past President's Trophy:

Saturday July 22nd is the date of the annual Past President's Trophy. The draw for teams will be held promptly at 9:45, therefore bowlers should arrive early to have their draw tags in at least fifteen minutes before. The early start means that the competition should be over prior to the hotest part of the day. Please bring a lunch to this event.

Golden Girls and Sunshine Boys:

The Golden Girls and Sunshine Boys will be playing at James Gardens Lawn Bowling Club on Mondays July 3rd and 17th respectively. Teams of triples from neighbouring clubs travel from club to club competing throughout the bowling season. This month we are hosting both groups.

Pizza & Play Fridays:

Pizza Slice

Our Pizza and Play Fridays continue on August 7th and 21st. For a low cost of $6.00 participants can stop for a mid game pizza meal and social period. A draw for rink competitors in a game of "4, 3, 2, 1"will take place at 6:15 pm. See Pizza and Play Fridays!

Women's Club Pairs:

The Women's Club Pairs will be held on the morning Tuesday July 25th at 10:00 am. Competitors should sign up on the list posted on the club bulletin board. Bowlers of all levels of experience are encouraged to sign up for this event!


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