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Members of the club will want to visit this page frequently as updates occur even before they appear in the monthly newsletter. They can find more indepth explanations of issues and concerns.




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General Voluntary Actions of all Members:

Kitchen Committee:


Cleaning Committee:

Drawmaster Committee:

Coaching Committee:

Phoning Committee:


Equipment and Green Care:

Communications Committee:

Marketing Committee:



Club Responsibilities:

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Our club has established a liaison committee, which will meet periodically with senior staff of the Parks Department to ensure that needed maintenance is carried out around the club in a timely fashion.  To facilitate this we needed to define the roles that club members can play in the up-keep and maintenance of the clubhouse and greens facilities of James Gardens Lawn Bowling Club without any conflict with the duties of the staff of the Parks Department. The responsibilities of the two parties are outlined below. Communications between the club and the parks department will be funneled through a single contact to avoid confusion and multiple and/or mixed messages. Rick Nytko will act as our club contact.  Please contact him if you become aware of work that needs to be carried out.

Club Responsibilities:

Basically the club is responsible for anything inside the clubhouse and inside the fence around the playing surface. Specifically

Parks Department Responsibilities:


"Dead End"


Two Metre Mark

During all competitions at the club this year instead of declaring a "Dead End" if the jack is knocked beyond the rink boundary, the end will continue with the jack being placed centre at the two metre mark. This is a rule which will be used during the upcoming Commonwealth Games and appears to be the "wave of the future."

Photos of Club Events Needed!

Taking Photos

If you have captured any photos of a club happening, please forward them to Daria Danko so that they can be posted on the club section of our Flickr account. She would prefer them just as they come from your digital camera in .jpg format. Check out the "Recent Photos" page of the "News" section of this Website for the Flickr link where you can see photos that others have contributed.

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