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Each month of the active year this Website features an event from the club's past. Members are encouraged to review their photographs and other memorabilia and submit articles for future publication.
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This episode from the Club Archives features a photo essay illustrating the conversion of the club green from natural grass to artificial turf. Let your mind fill in the gaps as you read between the picture captions to get a fuller idea of the entire process.

Old Soggy Green
Removing Turf
Separating Turf & Soil
Old Drain
Many Truckloads
Packing Down the Soil
Leveling Sub-soil
Installing New Bank
Establishing a Diagonal Pattern
Aussie Container
Support System
Porous Sand
Compacting Surface
All of this preparation and we have not seen any artificial turf yet. Members were getting impatient. The Aussie crew that supervized the project worked even more diligently to complete the project. They were being paid for the job – not by the hour! Work began to show greater progress from this point on!
Final Rolling
Carpet Laid Diagonally
Tricky Corners
Interested By-standers
Finally Finished
Opening Day Crowd
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Bowling Begins
Celebratory Cake
Five Years Later

The persistent few eventually proved the nay-sayers incorrect. This project has proven to have been quite a success! We reap the benefits of the new artificial turf – the fastest greens in Ontario – as we play our games while other clubs wait for their greens to dry.

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