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Nestled among mature trees in a natural setting across the Humber River from the Lambton Golf and Country Club, James Gardens Lawn Bowling Club offers recreational activities to members seven days a week from May to October. Wildlife, picnickers, cyclists, and folks out for a stroll often stop to observe the bowlers in this tranquil environment. Overhead lighting permits bowlers to continue to play after sunset early and late in the season.

Path Sign

Follow the paved trail in from the ample parking lot past the welcoming club sign through the tall blue spruce trees and across a meandering stream. After a one-minute walk, the path opens up to reveal colourful flowerbeds, the bowling green and the clubhouse. Park maintenance staff actively ensure that the lawns, woods, flowers, playing area, clubhouse, and all other facilities are in top condition.

Flower Bed

Flower gardens either side of the gateway to the playing surface greet members and visitors. The green surrounded by 120-centimetre fence is reserved exclusively for lawn bowling. The green is covered by artificial turf, which provides a consistent surface upon which to bowl. Drying quickly after rain and drought resistant the green is kept in excellent condition.

Shaded Seating

Shaded seating areas are available for players waiting for their turns to bowl. Each of these locations is bordered by chalkboards on which scores are kept. Three drinking spots provide water for thirsty bowlers. Shaded storage areas are available behind the benches for the stowing of carry bags and other equipment.

Map to Club

James Gardens Lawn Bowling Club is located in Etobicoke in the City of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. James Gardens is on the south side of Edenbridge Drive. Royal York Road is to the west, Scarlett Road is to the east, and Eglinton Avenue is to the north. The parking lot is situated at approximately 171 Edenbridge Drive. From this lot follow the well-marked trail to the clubhouse as described above.
The club is TTC accessible from Royal York station. Take the Royal York bus 73 to Edenbridge Road and walk east on Edenbridge Road.


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The purpose of this Website is to promote communication between the club and its members, to attract prospective members, and to provide an information service to the general public who have an interest in lawn bowling. This dynamic Website will be altered on a regular basis so that up-to-date information will be available to all audiences. Look over the organization of the site to find items that are of interest to you.


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This Website is organized in six themes, which can be compared to six spokes radiating out from the hub of a wheel. Visitors can choose sections they wish to peruse by clicking on a name in the cascading navigation menu at the top left of each Webpage. For a more detailed understanding of the contents of each of the sections go to the Site Map section.
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Contact Information:

The telephone number at the Club is 416 231 2308. People who would like to inquire about membership in the James Gardens Lawn Bowling Club should send an email to: info@jamesgardenslbc.ca.


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